Smart Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring 36
Smart Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring 36

40 Smart Ways To Refresh Your Fireplace For Spring

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One of my favorite summer activities involves sitting around our fireplace made from soapstone on cool those cool summer nights with a refreshing drink in hand. Now that the temperatures are warming up, it’s time to get your backyard ready for the summer and this means getting everything cleaned and ready to go. One of the first things we do during our backyard cleaning days is to clean up the outdoor fireplace. Depending on the type and style of outdoor fireplace you may have, maintenance can be simple or complicated.

Did you know no matter what your fireplace is made of they are still mostly all built the same and then spring cleaning of them are all similar. You’ll need an ash can, a good broom, and some sturdy work gloves. You’ll find it can be a pretty dirty job from all the remaining ash and wood in it. Use your brush or broom to sweep the ash into the can for proper disposal.

Iron Fireplaces
Fireplaces made from iron are probably the most popular models because of how sturdy they are. You’ll find different styles implementing steel or aluminum chimneys to go along with an iron base. Make sure you can purchase any replacement parts before you purchase a certain type of iron fireplace since the other parts don’t last as long as the iron base will. Why replace the entire thing if you don’t have to? Apply high-temperature paint to the iron portions of the fireplace to protect it from rust.

Copper Outdoor Fireplaces
Another common type of outdoor fireplace is the ones made from copper. While a little more expensive, these particular models are sought after for its unique and brilliant copper shade which is much different than the plain black iron types. Storing the fireplace in a dry place away from the harsh weather helps to keep it at its original color. You can use covers for copper fire pits as a way of protecting them from the rain and such without having to move them when not in use.

Brick and Stone Fireplaces
Soapstone fireplaces, brick fireplaces and soapstone masonry heaters must properly be cleaned as often as you do with your indoor fireplace. Remove the ash and debris from the fire box after use with soapstone fireplaces. A good investment is installing a chimney cap to keep leaves out of the chimney which can sometimes spark fires. Although soapstone fireplaces don’t have to be covered during the rain or in winter, you’ll still want to clean the exteriors in order to keep its attractive appearance.

It is important to the necessary time to care for your outdoor fireplace properly. With the right amount of maintenance, you’re fireplace can last you many years of summer enjoyment.